What Does a Painter Paint?

It paints missiles, obviously. But what counts as a missile? Rockets? Plasma? I’m sure that others have figured this out, so please help a beginner.

anything that flies on its own propulsion as far as i know,so all kinds of rockets and missiles,with a varying degree of efficiency
all guided missiles for sure… im not 100% sure on the unguided dumbfires

anything that can be hit by PD or scrambler are missiles

so rockets can be guided by target paint, but plasma no?

Yes, anything that can turn (no matter how small the angle) will hit the painted target.
Plasma and other blasters (such as cruiser lasers) do not work with target painters.

This is not strictly true–rockets sometimes miss, even when painted, unless that particular bug’s been fixed.

The confusion is that the painting has to be in place when the missile is launched. if it turns on a hundreth of a second later, then there is a chance the missile will miss, because the hit/miss stuff is calculated at launch time, not impact time.

Of course, that makes sense and it’s better that way.

Although, I made a suggestion once for a module that redirects all the missiles on flight to a new target if the designated target has been destroyed so this module could also have a double function to make sure that missiles hit if the paint is reestablished.
Or one module with 2 versions, MK I(single function of redirection) and MK II(redirection and repainting), like PD scanner.

How does painter plays in with guidance scrambler? Does it cancel out the effect and replace with a new hit rate?

I think the guidance scrambler reduces the chance to zero.

nah… theres still a LITTLE chance