What fighting the Tribe reminds me of

Fighting the Tribe even on Normal difficulty reminds me of the Enterprise fighting the Borg, before I got the Tribe DLC I was going to suggest they add a cyborg race to the game maybe in the next DLC that get developed that would draw heavily from Star Trek’s Borg race but as far as fighting the Tribe goes they got the big feature of the Borg down Regeneration. Yes I can still win against them while gaining like 12k Honor for the first match on Normal, I haven’t tried the other difficulties for the game challenges against the Tribe.

Wait, there are game missions versus the Tribe? Where?

Scroll to the bottom of the mission list.

An excellent comparison. I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t much of a fighter enthusiast - not enough big, pretty bang for the buck I guess - until I started trying the first anti-Tribe mission. After four - yes, four- failures, I dove into the forums here and found that fighters do a good job of constant damage, which short-circuits their uber-repair.