what graphics ???

i downloaded demo the graphics and it is a good demo and great game. BUT what graphics do i need to play it. as it was very flashy and the images loaded over each other so could not read how i was doing, though they did refresh every time i went to a nightclub. :unamused: i have a 128 graphics card. i would love to buy this game if i could play it with out the screen flashing :slight_smile:

are you running your windows desktop in 16 bit color possibly? And is it an intel video.
If so, this is an issue which I have fixed, and will be patched in the next release.

not sure about the video but it is very likley to be intel. my desktop is 32 bit

gnnnngh. These intel cards drive all game progarmmers mad. They are so non-standard. I strongly suspect I will have this fixed in the next patch. Basically they fail to load in the new jpg backdrops, so you can see whats happening behind the backdrop, hence all the corrupt mess.