What happened?

Hi everyone, I just got GSB a few days back and is enjoying the game so far, though I have not figured out the intricate details yet. I just started a Galactic Conquest game as Federation and was attacking this planet that has the following anomalies:

  1. Weapons range reduced 50%
  2. No fighters

As I can’t see the enemy’s deployment during planning phase, I deployed my 6 cruisers in line formation backed by my frigates, cruisers carrying MWMs and a couple of CLs, whilst my frigates were equipped with Plasma Cannons and Frigate Missiles(or something). After my ships warped in, I saw the enemy only had one Tribe cruiser and two frigates, so I thought this is going to be easy.

As my ships lumbered towards the front, I realized the enemy ship aren’t moving at all. So I sped up the game and when my ship arrived close to the other end of the map (enemy deployment zone), they stopped and didn’t fire a single shot, whereas the enemy cruiser started firing with plasma and EMPs. Knowing my ship can’t do anything, I clicked retreat and my ships began to turn around, which then started firing too late. If I’m not wrong, MWMs should have longer ranges than Plasma Cannons, even with range penalties.

I’m sorry I can’t provide any screenshots as I was too confused at that moment but stare open-mouthed at the one-sided battle. Can someone provide some insight on this, if it is a strategy, how can I defeat it? Thanks.

G’Day stefannnie and welcome to the forums
You have posted an interesting (and fustrating) event for any commander.

Since both sides had MWM i would have expected them to trade shots. (side note If you wish to check when a target is in range, during the battle, select the turret on the ship which brings up its max and min range.)

My only suggestion is to try and re-create the event and take some screen shots and note down the orders you have given to your ships.
Sorry i could not be of more assistance.

Hopefully other member of the forum will have some ideas.