What happens to your ship when modules are disabled?

Obviously losing weapons mean they don’t work. Engine damage seems to slow the the ship down at least with fighters, but strangely it seems a fighter with a destroyed engine can still limp back to the carrier if he gets out of enemy range.

Do cruisers with engine damage or destroyed engines get immobilized or slowed down though? Also what happens when you destroy crew modules or power plants?

loss of crew or power modules mid-battle has no effect. Weapons can be knocked out, and obviously armor can be knocked out, and stuff like tractor beams and hanger bays will not function if destroyed. Engines can be knocked out, but the ship always retains a minimal engine capability equal to 25% of its normal maximum thrust.

Interesting, thanks for the quick reply. I suppose I should stuff all the crew compartments and generators in ten forward from now on. :smiley:

By the way, does the location of a module affect it’s chance to be damaged or destroyed, or is module damage determined by chance?

And now you know why 10-forward is a crew rec area in the very front of the ship and the power producing nacelles stick out into the breeze.

modules are hit by incoming fire randomly, regardless of their physical placement on a ship. The only case where placement matters is with weapons whose ranges are measured exactly from the module position, so people tend to stick weapons at the front :smiley:

just to add to this, you may be asking, “Then what’s the point of a reinforced crew module?” well, my friends, the reinforced crew module (this also applies to the reinforced hangar bay, but this protects itself as well because it has an effect if destroyed) has more hitpoints than the other crew modules, right? well those hitpoints add to the ship’s hull points. just wanted to mention that. ;D

Yeah, I use reinforced crew and power modules when cost allows. The only thing is that hull strength isn’t that useful if it usually means you can absorb more damage after your shields and weapons are gone. Even if you’re lucky and your weapons are still working, your ship will be dead very fast in my experience.

It would be interesting if reinforced modules gave an armor bonus though. That might make them more useful if it gave you extra armor thickness. I’m sure a fluff reason could be invented for this if it improves gameplay.