What i miss

Hello Guys

its possible that i didn´t notice the function i miss but… there it is.

If i finish a research which is a upgrade to a slot and i forgot (or want to do it later) to apply it to the slot in the moment when its finished, i dont see it clearly in the game in whitch slot a upgrade is missing.

So my idea is to change the color, blink, black, white, grey,… anything possible to remind you to upgrade the slot or even abort the upgrade for the slot, maybe a button " remind me in a few days" or something.

If i change a cars equipment (add or remove it) it will be added/removed on every car whats on the line.
No consideration if the car has passed the slot in which its build in or not.
So i get a missing equipment on the next 100 cars on the line if i remove the “airbag” for example and have 20% OFF. the next 100 cars.
Why is the equipment change not “just in sequence” for the next car whats build up?
Thats a problem if you finised a research and add it to your models everytime.

How can i change the color of the cars back to “random”?

I am right, am i?

Greetings and have a nice weekend so far.