What I would change

Hello guys, I have few questions/opinions about Kudos. I play it for about five days, and I don’t like some things:

Street-thief. “You have been accosted by a street thief on the way home, and your money has been stolen. you may be lucky enough to have some cash back at your home.”
Why I lost not only my daily salary but from my whole treasure? I got about 200 pounds before, and 80 after I have been robbed. If I earn 27 pounds a day, I should lost most 27 pounds, right?
Anyway, I lost hope to earn enough money to buy alarm :]

Next thing - is there any differences between man and women? Being a man I get the same advantages going shopping, what is, for me, unnatural. How many men like shopping? In other way, what about football, golf and romantic movies?

And I’ve found misspell - in socialize, there is Museum, but interests: “musuem”.

And one more. I live for 26 years, but never been attacked by street-thief neither my home has been broken into. In this game, for 2 years, I lost my money/things four or five times. I have never been in England, but if there is so high criminality, I won’t visit you :slight_smile:.

Best regards for author and all players.

muggers don’t attack muscley people by the way :smiley:
But yes, I should maybe tone down the crime aspect, its true. As for having so much cash stolen, thats a fair point too, and maybe something that will get an overhaul in time. I’m working on some career / book related stuff now.
I thought I corrected the museum spelling, maybe I did but forgot to change it in a patch?

That’s right with spelling. There is “musuem”.
About muscles persons - I invest in muscles, fitness, kung-fu and Kick-Boxing. Give me a thief now! :slight_smile:.

And one more time about sex equal chances (man and woman). Does it matter which sex I play? Do I the same chance to be in bowling team or football (is there any?). Oh, I forgot about one match with my bowling team, and they sacked me. Is any chances to be in this team again in future?

Bowling team is a one-off chance, I’m afraid. You only get the chance to play for them if you do it a lot socially and get good at it. I think the benefits towards your social skills from being in the team are quite high which is why you need to stick with it to keep them.

As for differences between male/female I’d take a brave statement and say there’s none. I doubt anyone would code a game with advantages to males and not females in these times :slight_smile:

I’d venture to say that Eugen was’t suggesting gender inequality in the game, but was actually wondering if sex plays any difference with regard to the specific activities. For example, perhaps football would be a generally more “male” trait while romantic movies would be “female”. But I’d agree with you xerra that gender makes no difference in the game. And if you check “enable same-sex relationships” then it completely makes for no gender difference at all :slight_smile:

Hehe romantic movies… better known as “chick flicks” in these parts :slight_smile:

I thought it was best not to hard code in any gender differences…

I think it was a positive step to have the option of allowing same sex relationships in-game if people weren’t bothered about things like that. The fact that I only enabled the option when I played a female character probably says a lot about me though :slight_smile:

I always play games as a female. Why would I want to look at a dude for hours?

Exactly! I made that point before when females were complaining about not enough female avatars. I always play men, and my brother plays females.

In relation to the topic of this subject, I wouldn’t really change any of the existing gameplay (nothing that I can think of at the moment), but I think a nice add-on would be to have a sort of Online HighScore Board. The Board could contain achievements such as the Top Ten highest Kudos scores, Most money made in a year, most money made in 10 years. Most educated (based on how many courses you’ve taken), most skillful (based on things like bowling, gambling, etc. etc…) This is just an example of the ideas, but I’m sure the list could go on. Perhaps Medals or Trophies could be obtained by accomplishing more difficult tasks (the winners of these medals get there nickname posted online in the scoreboard)… These are just some examples, but I think they would only add an extra level of fun to the gameplay because you could even have silly awards for things such as Dirtiest player (meaning they left there place a mess for the longest period of time)… Just some silly fun. So it’s just a thought… what do you think Cliffski?



FIRST, a lot of feedback, not to be confused with bitching. I LOVE THIS GAME and wish there were more like it. One thing in particular that I love is that it isn’t so huge a file, but still is so multifaceted and therefore replayable!

A few things I would like to see:

A finances option:

To invest or save money, earn interest
To donate money to charities
To treat my friends if I invite them whether or not they can afford the outing
Get insurance to protect money from theft, illness and injury

A lot of relationship changes:

With friends to let you know what they do for a living (I don’t know anything about my own boyfriend!) what they do NOT like to do, what approx income bracket they are in for inviting to outings…and the option to discontinue a friendship with anyone…and to ask another person to date or start a romance.

A marriage/family option, also to do more things as a couple, to have a sexual relationship, to date more than one person then advance one of those to exclusive, engaged, married, and I suppose, divorce and custody.

More friends, better ability to make new friends, and to know how I know them, as in neighbor, teammate, coworker, or buddy for a certain activity.

A home/neighborhood option:
To buy/rent/decorate, choose type of home even if it is only textbased (“You just bought your first home!” “You have remodelled your living room”)…adding certain things to your home might be a boost to friends wanting to visit. Could also boost your safety and prestige in the community if you live in a better part of town.

More social activities to boost your personality and make friends:
Comedy club outing for happiness
Book club for literature, a choir or orchestra just for fun?
A creativity feature?
Community involvement to make more friends and boost civic and cultural, such as grand openings of galleries, planning committees such as chamber of commerce, volunteer at the shelter or nursing home.
Being able to do anything by yourself instead of solo and group activities.
Re: dinner parties and other social functions, choose alcohol consumption so you aren’t drunk all the time.
More restaurants, a couple that come to mind that are pretty common: fast food, Italian, and Indian.
More cable and website choices

Better shopping:
Can shop on any day
Can buy different things, clothing, CDs and movies, jewelry, gifts for friends.
Re: pets how bout a FERRET?
Shopping for food (healthy/junk, cheap/moderate/gourmet, vegetarian/meatlovers…doesn’t have to be all that complicated)

More health options:
Staying out of the rain (buy an umbrella or rainsuit to jog)
Buy vitamins and medicines
See the doctor
Happiness and stress affect health too?
“Catch” stuff from your romantic partners and friends.
Re: more wellness in general, maybe a spa option to treat yourself well.
Get in a car accident or get a sports injury
Go to rehab for drugs or health problems

More personality twists:
Phobias, obsessions, etc. that can be improved with therapy, patience levels, trust levels with each friend, and I wish that when you get an invitation to an outing, you could let the person down more gently so they don’t get mad at you…esp if you HAVE to go to the other event like a class.

An appearance changer at the beginning of the game to choose what you look like. Hairstyles, clothing options, etc. could change with a visit to the clothing store or the salon.

A religious/spirituality component:
Can attend services and ceremonies, tithe/donate, pray…all of which could affect health, happiness, stress, and choice of relationships.

I would change the main screen to have more indepth info about each facet of your life via a pulldown menus. For example a menu for skills, personality, career, possessions. As it is, everything is crowded and you can’t see all the stuff on the screen.

Another in general comment is that I would like longer than ten years, maybe over the span of forty or fifty…a whole career or adult lifetime.

Education doesn’t seem very realistic. Perhaps a junior college or more choices for courses…and taking a couple classes should NOT allow you into that profession. Along that line, I would say more entry level choices for struggling at the beginning…maid, nanny, newspaper carrier, secretary, clerk.

I would break down the day more…to choose what you do during the morning, afternoon, evening, and late at night, and offer a “study” option to get you through classes faster…maybe even a “work late” option if you need to brown-nose on the job, want a promotion, or want to flush your social life down the toilet.