what if we had these things?

what if we had a fighter missile weapon that dammages the fighters wich would allow them to move back to a hangar for repairs when coupled with the cautious order?

what if we had a laser beam that when fired compromises shield stability and power?

a special module that takes a lot of power but spreads dammage over ALL modules on a ship so repair systems and weapons can stay opperational somewhat longer?

I’d like to hear your ideas as to what would be cool.

I brainstormed a big bunch of new ideas here. Your second proposed item above is what reminded me of them. I was surprised that my ideas didn’t generate more interest at the time. While I did not invent the concept of utility robots/support modules/etc.for GSB, my intended uses for them has so far been unique. The kind of narrow but radical specialties I proposed for them can introduce a completely different dimension of gameplay as well as being vey cool to watch. :smiley:

OK you asked for comments. I am definitely in favor of a special weapon, device, leech mine, whatever that can:

  1. give a friendly ship a boost to its shield recharge time
  2. slow an enemy ship’s shield recharge time

while another related “item” could:

  1. boost resistance value of friendly shield
  2. reduce resistance value of enemy shield

The second item in particular would have a signifigant effect on combat, which I like.

A good-quality fighter-to-fighter missile would be wonderful! Anything to shift the “balance of power” of point defense in favor of better keeping those tiny high-speed vampires away from my fleet, and without making use of those fragile little rocket-armed fighters. :stuck_out_tongue: It could also reduce reliance on tractor beams, giving you the option of putting something more useful in that slot.

Your proposed missile could be used either as a head-to-head standoff weapon to force oncoming enemy squadrons to turn aside, or as a chase weapon to aid in pursuit of fleeing squadrons. I’d like to make sure this weapon has a generous max range…I see its role as trying to breaking up incoming enemy squadrons before they come into point defense range of shipboard guns.

Implementing your third idea sounds a bit too limiting if we keep to the “damage leveller” idea. Hmmmm…how about a dedicated module that acts somewhat like a lightning rod? Here’s my counter-proposal:

Embedded waveguides within the ship lead from the outer surface down into this mystery device. Once damage starts getting past the armor plating, this device reroutes those destructive power surges and kinetic impact forces into itself before they can reach any of the other modules. Think of it like a sponge absorbing water…except that as it works, it converts the incoming energy to electricity which is then stored for harmless & useful output to the ship’s power grid for use by all systems.

Once the “damage overload absorber” is full, it will take time for it to completely “wring itself dry” and be available to absorb new damage. If it’s hit while it’s full, give it a percentage chance to overload and collapse, completely destroying itself and causing some damage to two or three other modules. After all, such major usefulness should have a high price.

I love the idea of weapons which require your shields to be toggled off when in use. That could be very interesting indeed.

Holy shit want

I’m surprised that we haven’t had some sort of cloaking system for Fighters.

Given the make of Fighters, I bet only the Rebels would be able to fully use one.

just make a cloaking module and set it for FIGHTER

I have no idea how exactly make said module.

Ah, so I see you haven’t really started modding yet.

Not entirely. I have no ideas for making new factions (Perhaps a weeabo themed faction known as ‘THE CLAN’) but I do have some ideas for new modules.

find the cloaking module text file thingy

change the names to stealth fighter module or something, set shiptype to fighter

save under a diffirent name than the orriginal module, ( or do this first so you dont accidentally ***** everything up ?)

good luck with your new fighter cloaking device :smiley: