What is an Ultraviolet Curer? (2 is the magic number)

so… I hope this is something new that will unlock on a later stage of the game, since there’s still so much to do… but… should it show here, were it’s unavailable?

The UV Curer appears in the “Intermediate” levels and above. The game doesn’t seem to indicate currently whether a technology is available or not.

no, but prior to this, something that isn’t available just don’t show up.

Oh that’s interesting, slipped through the net it seems. I thought I had made it so that any reactions that required machines that weren’t available said “Cannot Remove”. I will see if that is the case and if not I will fix it. Thanks.

my pleasure =D I love these kinds of bug hunting XD wish I had learn of Big Pharma earlier to help through the beta, like I did some other games on KS =)
awesome job, BTW! addictive as hell!