What, is it out of gas/petrol?

I’ve noticed something.

You can’t use the expensive car for driving to work in. And since I don’t think cars are used for anything else…

It’s a paperweight, isn’t it? Or is it because it’s int he shop so often? =)

Well, I used it for driving to work…
Maybe your Driving skill isn’t high enough?

Obviously my IQ trait isn’t high enough… because that didn’t even occur to me.

:blush: ::Facepalm:: :blush:

Hee hee, never mind! You can always be a bodyguard! :laughing:

Or a bartender. Seriously, I don’t have the smarts for that. How do people remember all those drink recipes and who ordered what?

Yeah - I agree! It’s obviously not a job for thickies.

On the upside, my vroom-vroom goes now.

Seriously, who buys a car they can’t drive off the lot? Do you call for a car delivery? And what do you tip when someone delivers something that expensive?

In other news, plastic surgery is really lucrative. Pays for that car nicely.

Maybe there should be a cocktail bartender job. You could do one of those cheesy mail-order cocktail diplomas :smiley: