You might see some adverts and press releases for a new game very soon called Oval office. And eagle-eyed gamers may notice it looks exactly like Democracy 2. So what is the story?

Oval Office is Democracy 2’s USA mission, repackaged as a standalone game to coincide with the US elections. There is nothing new to the game other than a new title screen and some different quotes (they are all US-centric ones). If you have already bought Democracy 2, you effectively already have the game. It is, in essence, a cut-down version of Democracy 2, without the different missions.


Oval office is the ‘portal-friendly’ version of Democracy 2. It will be on sale through a number of third parties. Because it’s a slightly cut-down version of the game, I’m more relaxes about selling it on-line through other sites.

Is there an upgrade path from OO to D2?
No. And none is planned. It just doesn’t work that way at the moment, although i can’t say it could never happen. If you are here, and reading this, and you liked the OO demo, you might as well buy Democracy 2.

Where can I try the game?

I won’t be hosting the game here, or selling it here. It’s basically just Democracy 2 with 1 mission. If you want to try the game, try Democracy 2.

I just noticed that the tutorial of Democracy 2 1.18 says “Welcome to the Oval Office Tutorial.”

Well, at least I know why :stuck_out_tongue: