What is Point Defense Scanner for?

I can’t tell what it is supposed to affect, scamblers, point defense, cruiser defense lasers.

I am trying to determine if I should have my AA spread out, or concentrate it on a cruiser with a point defense scanner for maximum efficiency.

As AA cruisers get targeted last, then in a long ranged duel, my defenses would stay the same even as my opponent loses the ability to saturate my defenses. On the other hand, then I end up with too few pew pew to break down his shields quickly.

Point defense turrets shoot down incoming missles and the scanner is suppose to increase the tracking of those turrets so you can shoot down the fast movers.

Scramblers are much more effective but they only fit on cruisers. If you want frigates with Anti-missile capability then your point defence turrets are your only option and IMO the scanners aren’t worth the slot they take.

Scanner increase the chance of your point defense hitting a real missile rather than a decoy. But then they are quite useless since they doesn’t work on MWM.

In my opinion, try to avoid the Pd guns and the Pd scanners. Its REALLY better the Gsb gun, it’s fast and capable to disable lots of incoming missiles.