What is rock legend then?

It’s this:


Not finished yet, but coming soon. Similar to Kudos in basic approach, but not a normal sequel or add-on pack.

It looks great, I’ll buy it; just remember to put a scrollbar if anything needs it! :laughing:

oh about scrollbars - i get annoyed at having to go through heaps of activities in kudos to get the one i want - what about a quick list that takes you to a more detailed option instead of one after the other? the way the jobs are set up. im interested to see what music you put in - with democracy and kudos i really though id get sick of the track, but i ended up leaving it on (though the democracy one made me nervous for some reason… made me play faster like time was running out)

youve done a heaps better job than the big companies often do though,

we should actually say, kudos, cliffski, thanks.

I’ll buy it as well, if the computer requirements are not too high for my laptop :slight_smile:
It’s looking great! :smiley:

It looks so damm great cant wait.

i think i added support for the scroll wheel on a mouse to navigate jobs btw.
The system reqs for Rock legend are unknown right now, but likely to be very similar to those of Kudos, if not slightly lower (I recoded lots of the way I did text) so hopefully it should run ok. Plus there will be a demo, so you can check it runs before you buy it.
The games music is done by Julianne Regan (singer of All About Eve) and Jean-marc Lederman (from Gene Loves Jezebel).