What is the latest update patch?

Hey All, first and foremost, well done cliffski for an incredible game - very enjoyable and fun! Well worth the money.

I wanted to enquire, what is the latest version of the game? My impulse has downloaded patch 1.18 beta, and that is wha its saying is the most current/recent patch, but if I run GSB from its main App Icon, it tries to update to version 1.19 (although that fails for some reason, as my game menu still states version 1.18). Can anyone assist please?

latest is 1.19. I’m not sure how up to date impulse is with their patches. The game tends to get patched a lot, so impulse only get notified every other patch or so, so I’m not constantly bugging them. It doesn’t matter if you patch the game through us (positech) though. Once you’ve bought the game, you can pretty much ignore impulse if you like.
Be aware that impulse copies get installed in a different folder, and my patcher doesn’t realise that, so you need to browse to the right place.

now the latest is 1.20.

Thanks guys.