what is the spiret creater


what is the spiret creater


You mean “sprite” creator/editor… It’s basically any program that can open/save an image in .dds format (for the game to use).


DYL8000 could also be refering to the ship editor . . but that is a long shot.

To create the sprites for GSB you can use several programs. Its a matter of choice the only main requirement is that the program can save the file as a dds. Here a few programs that are used by the modders . .


Go Gimp! :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually Gimp is useful because it gives the coordinates for where your mouse is, which is extremely useful. Idk if other programs do this, but that is why I like it.


both photoshop and pait.net have this feature…

i even think ms paint has it…


For me, paint.net is just not good enough… Here’s why:

That was after I got him to try to open my ship.

[size=1]I love taking pm’s out of context…[/size]


most of the time you wont need 244 layers… thats just you randy. i told you that its bad for your health!

but, i think that you and i work in different ways… mine being more effective of course ^^


You’ll need that many layers if you wanna do a truly modded ship (with nearly no individually distinguishable components)… I admit, your way is faster (a lot) but, mine produces quality ships.


sigh Oh well, this argument should be good…


Do I smell a hint of sarcasm?




@ randy

i bet that i could have done that ship in under 50 layers… just sayin…



And still be as easily mod-able as it is now? give it your best shot…


Personally i dont care how many layers was used in the creation of a ship.
The only think i care about is a polished finished product !


Gimp forever. Gimp > Photoshop (but free and with the same functionallity xD). And u can use the ammounth of layers u want , but still 244 layers seems a bit over…