What is your favourite race?

What is your favourite race?

  • Federation
  • Rebel
  • Empire
  • Alliance

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Hiya, just a quick survey.

I’m interested to know which of the races is your favourite, you can leave a reason why in a comment after voting.

I have a sneaking suspicion which it is from observation. :slight_smile:

Poll will be run for 30 days.

Empire. I just love their circly ships of doom. The weapons platform is pretty nice too. :]

Federation as I finished the game with them first and built up some nice history developing my ultimate ship with them.

Visually though? I love the Rebels, everything about there ships just looks and feels so good.

I think the Empire has a really characterful, interesting design. But I went with the rebels because they have great looking ships, with the gorgeous Atlantis bomber pushing them over the edge.

I like the Alliance because they’re colourful.

I haven’t been able to beat my Federation ships with any other races, so I guess they’re my favourites. I don’t like the design as much as the Empire or Rebel ships, but I can’t fault their effectiveness.

I like the alliance look and feel, as well as the fact that their armour bonuses let you go a little overboard on armour. I haven’t found their racial weapons especially useful though.

Plus, they have a great backstory. Death to all Bipeds!

I like the Rebels for their beautiful hulls, but I just unlocked the Empire, and as an old Caldari shield tanker, I must say I’m excited about that.

The alliance looks a little too cartoony for me, and the empire ships looks a little too flmisly, and all too much alike. I think the federation and rebels are tied in my book for looks… maybe with the feds a leetle bit ahead because they’re frigates look like spaceships… :slight_smile: Too many rebel frigs look like axes. :stuck_out_tongue: Their cruisers rock though.

I said federation because I like the ships the most.

though Alliance is very cool looking as well. And I have some nice Rebel ship designs kicking around.