What is your greatest achieved honor?

Mine is 19112 on “The emerald nebula” (no shields, 25% reduced weapon range, ships must have engines). Did it on easy with 4 cruisers :smiley: result was 100% to 0%. Tried with 2 cruisers but failed (0% to 50%).

I think mission difficulty buff or honor nerf will be needed. I have not tried bigger battlemaps yet, but i guess one could achieve a lot more.

Just had 50114 on “Defend Caspian IV”

It’s the most valuable mission, with up to 80000 to play with… I spent just under 30000 getting 5 MIRV cruisers, 3 heavily shielded ‘tanks’, and a few squadrons of fighters, since you get absolutely swarmed with fighters at the start. Only one of the tanks died, and some of the fighters. I suspect 60,000 honour would be achievable on that map. Someone probably has more already. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about honour nerfs etc… I don’t think it’s supposed to be hard to unlock all the toys (although 2 items show locked on the build screen, but don’t even exist in the fleet HQ :confused: ), it’s just a way to try to overwhelm you a little less at the start (doesn’t work so well though, LOTS of toys even before you unlock anything.)

did those two modules happen to be frigate modules?

Yep. Hard to tell from the shadow, but they look like they’re probably shields of some sort.

just use down arrow, not scroll, to reach those modules in fleet hq :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now I’ve got them. Heh, that scroll bar really wants to be fixed.

EDIT: And woo, proved myself right… 60647 honour. Five cruisers and just three squadrons of fighters. I think that’s about the lower limit for the fighters, unless you set up the capital ships to do some (all?) of the anti-fighter work, as they finally got wiped out towards the end. I think I can get it down to four cruisers, but three probably won’t cut it.

yup. It’s fixed in version 1.17

yes, that’s the problem. they’re shields, and i couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on until i scrolled by pressing the arrows… >_>