what kind of stuff would you like to see modded

Well I learned how to alot of the modding stuff for this game. So far I added the following things.
1 a sleep number bed
2 You can walk your dog.
3 Go to a massage parlor
4 take a taxi to work.
5 go to the beach.
6 have a backyard bbq.

I was wondering what kind of stuff would you like to see added so to give me ideas on what to add.

Maybe another car between cheap and expensive? I’d have done it already but I’m terrible at modding.

ive done it with my mod but its not finshed.

Done that.

A portable nuclear weapon and a pet hedgehog name Spiny Norman.

  • Mike

I think most of that stuff would be cool.

Mostly what I’d like would be a law enforcement career system. Along with a bus driver job. (Requires driving and non residential driving).

A weather man job could also work well.

Also maybe make it so that if you win the poker game then you get money.

Plus maybe try outs for different stuff, like instead of just getting accepted to the bowling team you could try out. Also if your IQ is high enough try out for mensa?

Here ya go, Mike;
Download this ‘ZIP’ with all the stuff for the first part of your mod request.

The hedgehog thing’s a little harder unless you want to replace a different pet then it might work (haven’t looked into it much)

I don’t know whats possible but… I would like to see.


Board Games


Rent a Movie
Sketch/Draw (cheap)
Daydream (free)

Social Events
Rent a Romantic Movie for two
Rented Movie Night
Swimming (cheap)
Jogging in a group (free)
Take a Walk together (free)
Pool Hall