What next for Cliffski?

I adore this game, it has so much depth, variety and visual appeal. There were times when I played GSB all day long only stopped by the need for sleep.

But…I’m pretty sure when this game comes out GSB will be forgotten since it offers everything that GSB offers but with story, meta campaign and 3D graphics.

Have a look around the forum and you will find what is next for Cliff
you have THIS and he is also working on THIS
( i am not gonna spoil the suprise - go follow the links )

Oh dear, Parasites look brilliant.

I really hope Cliffski gets enough money from all of this to make GSB 2 in 3D(basically like the opening screen when you launch the game).

Would you have to get an expensive license to model Warhammer 40K Imperium ships? Battles with them are described in great detail in dozens of WH40K books and you can actually see how they look in Dawn of War 2…also they are already neatly categorized in battle cruisers, frigates and fighters of all sorts. WH40K has the richest starship battles, even more so than in Star Wars.

What do you mean by ‘model’ do you mean getting them into GSB?