What this game needs - my wife says - credit!

Yes, my wife really likes this game, but she does not like living from pay check to check.

She wants to know why she cannot go shopping and pay for things on credit? Or why can’t she get student loans for her classes?

If Democracy 1 and Democracy 2 run budget deficits of billions of dollars, then all she is asking for is to be in the red by just a few thousand dollars. What would be the harm in that? :slight_smile:

interesting idea. maybe being in debt is possible, but adds to stress?

And interest payments.

I agree, we should be able to have a credit of some sort like Democracy, if you’re too much in debt the loan company can repo any objects you own to make up for the payment.

LOL! That is too funny.

its exactly that sort of thinking that ruined the world economy :smiley:

simulation credit auto
Why so? I don’t understand what you mean

Nice game. It’s a game of intelligence and technique.

It is also a game of your pocket.

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It’s a game of intelligence and technique.
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