What we would like to see in GSB2

Just wondering Cliffski - after the Campaign - are you thinking of doing a GSB2?

You have a Kudos 2, Democracy 2, GSB 2? And what would the differences be?

Anyhow off to get some poutine and catch the fireworks.


3D showroom with bikini chicks showing and explaining technobabble on fully functional ship models :smiley:

really tho… i`d want directly controlled ships,but thats me,others might disagree… what do you think about that Cliff? :slight_smile:

and perhaps make ship combat last longer and be more tactical (imagine Nexus half-way through or Homeworld 2 Complex as for the amount of tactical experience i`d like)

I like the fact that there is no control once the battle has started. I would like more commands, and perhaps maybe a layering “what/if/then” command system to give ships a little more flexibility.

–>And Cliffski, in GSB more shift commands in the orders menu would be nice. I know there is Shift-F and shift-E for Formation and Escort, but I think you could add them to most of the commands.

As for longer battles, and tactical - larger maps - less suicidal frigates (maybe a withdraw/regroup command) and goals. Add like Defend space station at all costs, or destroy space station at all costs. More varied placement options etc.

I would like to see a defender fleet actually be invisible (like on the expert setting) - but the attacker gets to place their ships all around (encirclement) - or not as the attacker see’s fit.

I do agree though, 3D showroom with bikini chicks showing and explaining technobabble on fully functional ship models does sound nice and gratuitous.


or maybe something like the soon-to-be campaign, like a Single-Player Campaign with scripted missions and interactions with other races, etc.

To go along with that, maybe Tech Levels? Just throwin’ around ideas here.

As long as it’s an option, that would be great. Personally I like the fact that I don’t have to put the game on pause if the phone rings or I have to hit the head (I usually pause it anyway since I like to watch, heh heh).

I really like the Shift function for applying Formation and Escort because I have to choose a target. It would also be useful for Protector for the same reason. It’s easier to have one hand tapping keys and the other selecting ships than to keep using the Add Order system.

Shifts for most of the orders would be extremely nice to have.

If the combat system would remain the same, I wish to have more commands for the deployment phase, like WAIT x seconds, conditions IF, OR, instead of percentage value I would like to have controls like IGNORE this type of ship, KAMIKAZE/ROAM command, GO to the enemy, THEN RETREAT to blablabla distance for luring tactics. CONCENTRATE FIRE AND FRIGGIN IGNORE OTHER SHIPS UNTIL THIS ONE IS DEAD !!!
Formations should have no relative positions, but should be as ONE unit, so they NEVER change te position inside formations. Frigates should have optional special tactics, to surround the enemy, to sacrifice firepower for the sake of speed, when doing this manouver.

Do you mean something like


maybe a planing system like on the old rainbow 6 games (or was it 7?) where you set out orders and when phase 1 of orders is done and then phase two starts etc… so you can flank and so on

Asking for a sequel might be a bit presumptuous - maybe Cliffski is tired of spaceships - but I do think autonomous unit behaviors are one of the great unexplored avenues of the stagnating strategy genre.

Of course, we’re at the eve of sequel release to a game that has terminology rhyming with “berg crush”, so what the hell do I know?

Well considering I just spent all of last night watching star wars reruns while working on fighters and carrier bays personally I just see fighters strafing through my eyeballs. I have noticed that deceased fighter craft look like squished little bugs all over the screen.

The autonomous unit thingy is nice. Maybe a Gratuitous Ground War? Sorta an uber tower defense along the lines of Dune/C&C - but you get to see the battle unfold without any interaction on your part after giving the primary orders. I used to love those games - except they became to twitchy for me.

Why don’t we ask Cliffski? What are your plans?

“berg crush”? Sorry I have no clue…elaborate?

He’s referring to the imminent arrival of “Starcraft 2”. The original game is noted for the tactic of the dreaded “Zerg rush”. :wink:

yeah since i played SC2 beta i pretty much wrote blizzard on my list of companies to never buy anything from…
its a micromanagement rush nightmare… like original SC but 5x worse… (please note that while i didnt like that in SC i still consider it a great game)
i also hate games which degrade super-units into take-5-shots-and-die stuff (recently supreme commander 2 was a great disappointment for me)

if you ask me,any game and any situation that promotes rushing,or even wave-rushing,is bad from the start and should be incinerated with plasma bombs

if GSB 2 happens its a long way off. Immediate plans are for this campaign game thing.
I have another idea for a game unrelated to spaceships.
There is the possibility of doing a gratuitous ‘something else’ battles.
there is also the possibility of doing GSB as a persistent online MMO style thing. maybe.
I don’t know yet :smiley:

how bout a GC, Gratuitous coustomizer, where you coustomize everything (pretty much a GUI Editor) so you select and make the turrets etc…

just a random idea