What would make Galactic Conquest awesome

I want to start off by saying that Galactic Conquest is awesome. It’s a great idea that works extremely well with the game, and synergizes so well with what’s already there that it makes one wonder if it was actually planned from the start :smiley:

A “metagame”-singleplayer experience is something that (as far as I know), has never been done, and certainly adds a lot of spice and diversity to what could otherwise be a very boring and predictable AI opponent.

However, it’s main fault is just that - it’s single player. Multiplayer is where the new generation of games are heading. It doesn’t matter how fun Galactic Conquest is when you can’t enjoy it with your friends, and especially considering how time consuming it is, that is a large amount of time that you won’t be spending with your friends. Of course you could add a competitive aspect to the game (Galactic Conquest vs. other players), but I actually think a much simpler and more appealing way to take it is to make Galactic Conquest Cooperative. What if you and your friend(s) started with their own planet, and took “turns” dominating the galaxy together? Since GSB is completely automated after the battle actually starts, it is completely feasible to imagine 2 (or more) players on the same unit deployment screen, deploying their ships on the same side. This would obviously be a very common event considering that there would be a considerable amount of “overlap”, i.e. your units on their planets or their units on your planets. Since in GC, the limitations of supply and cost and pilots have been removed per battle, it would actually be a lot easier than before, since the players would literally just use the forces they have per battle. I can’t imagine how fun it would be conquering the galaxy together with my best friends.

This is something you should seriously consider. I think GSB and GC are great concepts, but not something that I can see investing hundreds or thousands of hours of time into when there are other, similar games out there which support co-operative play.

Thank you for reading!