What's a reasonable number of posts per day?

Perhaps my opinion is a minority opinion, hence why I’m asking. However, I feel that things have gotten a little silly in the last week or so, as all but one or two people have been drowned out.


That’s fair. I’ll stop posting for 1 week, see who else wants to post.

Well, I’d suggest Chantern to write all his policies in one thread post regarding a theme!

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Not something to argue about~ I mean that things should be kept organized so cliff doesn’t need to figure out which post he needs to answer to :joy: otherwise we will need to tag him again.

My only concern is that like Plexus’ posts, they will cease to be viewed if I put all my ideas down on one post, and will fade to obscurity.

If you’re concerned about that, you can tag cliffski~ if you are afraid of bothering him, wait a month!

My thought process here is that cliffski appreciates people actively pursuing Democracy 4 and any ideas that would help him would be appreciated.

No problem, I can wait a month, as long as my posts are present on the forum.

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Still, if Rabid thinks that we’re crowding out the others, or atleast I am with my ceaseless posts, it’d be great to see what happens when I stop posting.

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Before you joined, it would be a rare event for somebody to report anything.

I was the only talkative one here! What a rare specimen.

Hmmmm…I see.

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Ha ha ha! I see!

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I’m not trying to say that you should go away entirely, just maybe less than one full page of posts per day? If I make 3 separate posts in one day I start to see myself as hogging the microphone.

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I think the problem is they’re treating random threads like a place to come and hang out with friends. They go off topic and just spam random crap. I made a thread about changing the label “none” on some policy sliders to “minimum”, @Chantern15 and @Silviu200530 spammed the thread with posts like these:

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

I have notifications set up. I understand that that could mean I’ll get a bunch of emails if a thread gets a lot of responses, I’m fine with that and can switch it off if it happens. It is, however, highly annoying to get ~40 alerts from a single thread in the span of an hour or two when the posts are irrelevant and the product of just two individuals.

This does not help at all, it clogs the forum and potentially hides posts that could actually be relevant/helpful.

I think that you’ll find that we realized what we were doing and spun off to our own thread. But I apologize for clogging your notifications.

I apologise for clogging up the thread, I even ask cliff in private to remove out thread posts.

Oh also! Be sure to flag posts if you want them gone.

@Chantern15 I feel the necroposting is very very severe, look carefully if there’s discussion to be made

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I’m trying to bring out some old conversations which may have new ideas. And I’m learning on the way too. Like some posts just have 0 answers, or some posts asking for corrections and adjustments have just not been followed up. How can I improve necroposting?

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