Whats is with the dlc prices?

I already posted this issue on the steam forums but then I realize that the developers might not be on there.
The dlcs for this game is on sale for nearly $20 for all of them. Way more than the actual game and considering it was on the humble bundle, about 4 times as much as the game is worth.
The game itself is really cool, can’t say much as all you do is watch basically a mini animation of ships fighting, but arming the ships however you please makes for an enjoyable distraction. The dlc prices are what I expect for a game like CoD, not some obscure indie game…

The $20 includes the game.
You also can’t possibly use the Humble Bundle pricing to fairly compare the value of the games DLC.

You can get a DLC bundle directly from Positech for $10, that includes all but Parasites and Galactic Conquest.
$10 for something that probably took Cliffski many months to produce isn’t exactly over the top.

Considering the community, mod support and amount you can do with this game, I would hardly think anyone here would agree with you that its overpriced.

Try adding up the dlc comes to 18.44(50% off at that). The content which to my knowledge is just different ship designs does not seem to make it worth the asking price. We don’t even need to consider the humble bundle, its cost is 10 dollars on steam. Actual price of the game is $20 discounting sales. Maybe I’m missing something here and the dlcs add amazing new content, but as far as what I read on steam, they only new ship designs with the exception of the galactic conquest. That is something that looks worth buying a dlc for.
Also, buying the DLC bundle on their own website saves me a grand total of 2 dollars, which may not even be redeemable on steam. I’m never going to buy the other dlcs, but I feel like the pricing needs to be brought up.

To put things in perspective, Civ 5 GOTY was 10 on amazon a few days back and on sale on steam for 17. Looking at both games how can you honestly tell me the dlcs are not overpriced?
I’m not discount the game or the developer’s effort into them, but to me they need more realistic dlc prices, The dlc prices are like what Civ charges for the dlcs, except for a game that is far less feature filled.

It is more thant you think that goes into this, From what i understand of the DLC is that Cliffski goes to a 3d Artist to have the ships made in a 3d system and then codes in the new features. He needs to pay the Modeler and still make some profit. It is not like some of the mods that are cut and past ships. It can take up to a month or longer to get a DLC up and running then another just to work out the bugs and balance against the rest of the DLC and Core four races. I find that the prices are fine where they are, and this is coming from someone that is hurting on money.

DLC bundle is FOUR (4) DLC’s in one for only 10 bucks, with EACH DLC if bought separate going for around 5 or 6 bucks. You are buying two (2) at a slight discount and getting two (2) for free. And with the man game only 20 bucks. To buy both the main game ($20) and the DLC bundle ($10). You are walking away with the main game and four(4) expansions for $30. When some of the new games are like $40 plus and that is only the main game. And some of the older ones dropping down to the 15 to 20 range.

I for one do not see any problem with the current prices and will not support any effort to have them lowered now, or anytime soon. Steam can have there discounts and all but I feel that Cliffski should keep his prices the same or If he wishes to lower them then he can. Its not my call to stop him form lowering his price of his game.

Anyway my $0.50.

Also, if you buy the expansion packs from the website and install them, you can still launch the game from steam. Just buy it from the website! It’s cheapest and best for the game overall.