Whats the best carrer?

Just wondering what is the best carrer to choose? I never have enough money for anything!

Howdy Qwertyuiop!

Belated reply, but I always liked the Chef and Science roles. Basically I just took on as many science courses as I could and worked any waiter job that was within walking distance, also buying the science books to speed up the process and avoiding your friends entirely :slight_smile: If I felt like a challenge I’d go the Law route, but without the mod I find the stress too difficult as every time you wanted to study something new you’d basically have to quit being a lawyer, do the study, then go back into the lawyer role.

To save on money try and avoid doing anything with friends that costs money. It’s tricky, and you’re bound to lose friends, but early on I’d suggest being quite picky with your friends so you can get ones with 2 positive traits that are naturally hard to raise (like confidence).

Thems my thoughts :smiley:

SomeGuyInABikini, will get back to the mod in 3 months, after his second job has expired