what's the eighth achievement?

There are eight panels in the achievements window… so far I’ve had:

  • Economic miracle (this is usually the first one since I try to get the economy purring so I can finance everything else)
  • Tech superiority (I tend to pump the economy with a lot of research and scientific and tech spending)
  • Socialist paradise (next I focus on the welfare initiatives to try and fix poverty which has the knock on effect on crime and fixes the homelessness issue)
  • Crime Free Utopia (this follows from fixing poverty and resourcing up the police)
  • Green and pleasant land (pollution is the next problem I tackle after crime)
  • one party state (by this time everyone loves me and the game is slightly unrealistic in that once you get to this point it’s almost impossible for the opposition party to come back no matter how badly you perform or how outrageous your policies), which leads to
  • police state (just for fun, even though i’ve already wiped out crime, i tried implementing all the draconian measures and got this one.

What’s the eighth?

I believe the one you are missing is “Gods Kingdom”.

You should hopefully be able to make a good guess where to start for this one!

Ah. I always have the church declaring jihad on me by the middle of my second term :slight_smile: