Whats up with Kombat Kars?

Ok, is this game old or what? I searched the forum but there are no topics on it.

I bought a Kombat Kars game version 1.1 and on the pakage it says it has spit screen and various weapons… I can’t find how to split screen anywhere and the only weapons it has are rockets and machine gun. What is up with that! Its like I got a Beta version or something. The game also closes after a little while by itself and shows an error.

Please Help!

it sounds like you’ve bought a demo. Basically I’ve been screwed over badly with regards to some of my older games, and there are some publishers who have retail copies of my really old games that aren’t even the full game ;( unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about that. Did it come on some compilation CD?

I am not sure what a compilation CD is. Like a CD that installs automatically?

Could I get a Full free verison?

a compilation cd is one that has several different programs from different makers.

Well then, no, it only had Kombat Kars on it.