What's your favorite cruiser design?

Name: Praetorian class
Race: Empire
Hull: Praetorian hull
Cost: 3886
Hit points: 2035.80
Shield strength: 980.80
Average armor: 18.90
Speed: 0.08

5x Fast Recharge Shields
1x Reflective Shield

3x Ultra Heavy Armor
1x Advanced Armour Repair

2x Lightweight Cruiser Engine

3x Fast Missile Launcher
1x Cruiser Rocket Launcher
1x Cruiser Laser

1x Crew Module III
1x Power Generator III
1x Power Generator II

This guy along with generic imperial laser cruiser got me to 29k in The Orion Ambush. My fleet fell to a pack of five cruisers with heavy shields and maxed out plasma launchers.

EDIT: 35k once I swapped out a generic laser cruiser for a generic plasma cruiser. Could probably get more with better orders.

Dont bother with armour repairers, the normal repairer is much better.
Why have 18 armour on this? Is that only against fighters?
You could go for 1 refletive, 3 multiphasic. Less recharge, but the bonus is a bit bigger, and they are cheaper.
Swapping out the two engines for 1 more powerful will put your average armour up.

A fleet of this ship would get murdered by a missile spam fleet, no problem.
Or a tribe fleet of howitzers would swarm over you, 4 times the numbers, each ship having 2 times the weapons…

I would say that you shouldnt have a favourite design. Use what works, discard what doesnt. Mix it up, as well, so people cant keep countering you.

Nano bot repair or crusier autorepair breaks the crew boundary.
Toughness in general. Stuff slips through the shields a lot.
Extra speed to dodge plasma matters more than armor. I’d swap out armor for engines if it wouldn’t break my crew boundary.
Yeah multiphasic seem to be better than fast recharge. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before.

EDIT: Actually with the multiphasic, you can get down to half shield easier, and then stuff starts leaking through.

I think, in general, high weapon/cost density is more valuable than a lot of defense for cruisers.

agreed…its finally sinking in that it is 99% about x per unit cost where x is DPS, HP, Thrust, and so on (of course some sacrifices are made in the balancing act of having what you need but not too much of anything so that you get diminishing returns).

If not for the diminishing returns on shields (which shouldn’t apply to imperials, to balance them) this sort of design might be useful.

Guys… He didn’t say “What’s the cruiser design you always use to the point of gimping yourself?”. He merely asked what your FAVORITE is… That is… What build do you like, and see yourself returning to more often than other builds? Obviously, there’s no such thing as the “super cruiser that cannot be beat”. Most of us know that, and I don’t think he was implying it. Lighten up… I think he just wanted to have some fun and see what builds you “like” right now. What are you currently exploring/modifying? That would probably be one of your current favorites… Share! =) I’m at work so I cannot post mine at the moment, but I’ll return and report…


thats a lot of shielding reminds me of a tribe 1 vs 1 challenge whit a load of repair modules, couldn’t pierce my shielding , problem that shields recharge and repair modules run out XD

Yeah what lance said. Someone besides me should post a cruiser they like. Good to see that someone already plans to.


My current favorite… A group of these can cause considerable damage if there are no fighters around… =D

eh …? does the target booster work with non beam weps …?

I’ve made the assumption that it does… Perhaps I’m mistaken? I’ve never tested… can anybody confirm this?

Doh! It never occured to me that you can’t really tell what’s on the ship if you aren’t familiar enough with the turrets to recognize them… So…

8xFast Missile
1xTribe Repair Module
1xTarget Booster 2
1xPower Gen 3
3xLight Cruiser Engine

The repair module lets them last a bit longer should the enemy close. I usually pair these up with some kind of anti-fighter platform as the need arises. (I stick a high armor damage soaker cruiser in front with some AA escort.)

My biggest problem with these is anchored(escort) fighters. They don’t join the battle until their anchor ship is with them, and that usually means death for the AA stuff up front. Once the AA is gone, my favorite Mk2 Cruisers are meat. But that’s about the only thing that they can’t handle. =D

I’ve been experimenting with the same Tribal hull, but with 8 x Cruiser Howitzer. Having 8 hardpoints and 7 standard module slots, that particular hull doesn’t appear to lend itself to overly complex designs. It’s more of a ‘pack it full of weapons and engines and go!’ type of hull.

The one i’ve got with Cruiser Howitzers, has no targeting module, but rather another engine, so it goes a respectable .29 speed.