What's YOUR favorite MODDED race?

What’s your favorite modded race, and why?

  • Star Wars
  • Fantasy Fleet
  • Star Blazers
  • Legios
  • Stargate
  • Scavenger
  • Super Empire
  • Super Rebels
  • Gaxalon Pirates

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Another favorite race thread, this time for mods! WAAAAAAY overdue, I know.

I dig most of those groovy mod races, but Tater’s Star Blazers remains my favorite. No disrespect meant to the other artists in our mod community. Eich’s Legios, being GSB’s very first (!) mod race AND proudly featuring 100% original, all-player-made content, is a very close second place for me.

I hear you. Those battleships are awesome to blow stuff up with, but I couldn’t resist the mod about the movie I watched when I was a kid. (Star Wars)

Hey people, please try to explain your vote when you vote, ok? It’ll keep this topic at the top of the list :stuck_out_tongue:

sadly, i have to say the Stargate Tau’ri. The Excalibur Cruiser is just so overpowerd it is perfect for me
(54 Modules FTW!)

Where are these mods available for download? Like Super Empires and Super Rebels. Those and a couple others don’t seem to be on the forum.

you’ll have to look a bit in the older pages. Technically, Gaxalon Pirates aren’t available anymore because they were uploaded on rapidshare and no one accessed them in a long time. The super empire and super rebels, however, are located here: