What's YOUR favorite race? (updated and cleared)

What’s your favorite race, and why?

  • Tribe
  • Empire
  • Alliance
  • Federation
  • Rebels

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The only thing better than having the best armor is the spikes that go with it.

oh come on. what’s better than galactic space-hippies? :smiley:

The Tribe is definitely my favorite for a few reasons:
1. simplified tanking
2. sturdy frigates
3. they’re green

me too… plus, my favorite color’s green! :smiley:

“Favorite”, hmmm… maybe Federation? They’re kind of generic and they’re the ones you start with but I feel like a sell out when I go with Rebels. :-p

Rebels are, in my mind, the “best” race. They have the best fighter and all their ships get speed boosts, which I think is more generally useful than armor or shield boosts. Basically I think your best options are “missile spam”, “plasma spam” or “anything else” and while any race can do the first two, Rebels are the best for the expansive final category, which requires you to close the distance.

I wanted to love The Tribe but I can’t seem to get a fleet that I’m really satisfied with because they’re so squishy to high DPS/low penetration weapons, especially fighters. Fighters eat The Tribe for breakfast.

The Tribe, because they’re actually genuinely different compared to the original quad.

Rebels because the speed boost makes all the difference in the world in survival mode (any chance of additional survival scenarios?)

Federation. Because they have the Rabbit Cruisers. :smiley:

I suspect Rebels may still be the best in the game, but I’m liking the tribe because autocannons are cool.

Rebels. simply because of the visuals and the crewnames over the battle comms. I really like the ship designs.

I would set the Empire as my second choice ^^

I voted Rebels because they have the best looking ships in my opinion, but they are all pretty cool :slight_smile: A close second though would be the Tribe, the new autocannons and howitzers are cool and they handle alot better for my style of play.

I do love the Rebel style of ships, but looking at Gunmetal grey is not as fun.

But I can get away with Fenrir squadrons, having a small “flagship” as a focus point for a formation as torpedo cruisers plug away at the enemy.

But the federation have those big badass cruisers, and their blue.

But Rebels have awesome looking fighters. So we’ll call it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Empire cause they look the awersomest

I’m torn between Tribe and Rebels.

With the Tribe, I can close and beat on my enemy while withstanding a decent amount of firepower.

The Rebels, though, can zip up and run rings around the enemy while I snipe away. Plus, their fighters are a bundle of high-speed nastiness.

But considering I like the Tribe ship designs more, I think they’re going to get my vote. Go ultra-violent space hippies, go!

Tribe has reached the 10 mark! :smiley:

Long live the Empire!

I choose the Tribe, because of their hit points, damage control, and the autocannon. The autocannon is great against fighters.

Rebels would be my 2nd choice.

The Empire seems like the one which can’t compete consistently with the others. I would like to see some of the large Empire ship bitmaps reduced in size. It would make them more playable.

Alliance. Phython Cruiser, and I keep using armored ships to beat all those sissy tribe fleets.

Well, Either the empire needs smaller ships, Or They need more module slots on them. Turn them into the ultimate quality over quantity race.

More module slots on Empire ships would be cool.