What's YOUR favorite race? (updated yet again)

What’s your favorite race, and why?

  • The Swarm
  • The Tribe
  • The Order
  • Federation
  • Empire
  • Alliance
  • Rebels

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Alright, since Cliff said something about this being his last expansion pack, I will include mod races and the Swarm as options. This will be the last version of the poll.

The reason why there’s only 3 mod races is because the poll only allows 10 options, and I wanted to include all expansions and vanilla races. Expansion races also count for their weaponry, so if you hate tribe ships, but love tribe weapons, if you feel that you like the weapons more than you hate the ships, go right on ahead and choose tribe.

EDIT: Okay, mod races removed. If you want to vote for mod races, then go ahead and vote in the other thread. (What’s your favorite MODDED race?)

Disclaimer: I do enjoy the stock races which we have come to know so well. As a modder, my sympathies have slid sideways a bit; see below…

I voted for Eich’s Legios mod race. I’m quite fond of it. It’s populated with a large assortment of unusual modules, many of which compete interestingly well with the stock modules of a vanilla GSB install. The Legios hull designs are highly original eye candy; likewise for most of the energy weapons they can use. Legios has been a lot of fun to play.

It’s not one of the poll options, but if it was I’d have to vote instead for Tater’s Star Blazers mod race. During the winter, he did a fantastic job of capturing the overall feel of the Star Blazers universe. That race is meant to be a fully self-contained mod, away from GSB ships & equipment. It includes carefully-balanced elements of the Earth Defense Force and the Gamilons which actually appeared in the episodes. I wish I could thank Tater again for making such an enjoyable cosmos-within-a-cosmos for GSB, and I’d love to see more content created for it someday!

I had to Vote Swarm. The ships look really nice and the disruptor lets me get away from using rockets.

Still Alliance faithful, unlike you kids with your fancy mods and newfangled races.

Bugs. Never. Die.

I have to say I’m an instant convert to the Swarm. Disruptors feel rather weak but used in sufficient numbers that stops mattering, giving me the long range anti-shield weapon I’ve wanted for ages.

Star Wars, I love blowing stuff up with the Star Destroyers. :smiley:

The swarm is nice for the swarming tactic, but I still prefer the alliance for te great ship designs and armor capabilities.

lol I forgot to tell my choice xD

I chose Swarm because of not only their Disruptor Beams and Smart Bomb Generators (which are REALLY useful) but the hull, armor, etc. penalties are barely noticeable in contrast to the cost reduction, which SERIOUSLY makes the enemy outnumbered.

Rebels and Swarm are tied at 6. Looks like the flame of the Rebellion has not yet diminished, even if modded races are involved.

As with the last iteration of this poll, I chose Federation. I dithered quite a bit over Feds vs. Swarm - I like the cheap birdfolk a lot. However, I still find that my Federation designs are the most effective of all of my fleets. They just seem to fit my style better than most of the other races.

There isn’t a single race (of the seven “official” races) that I don’t like; I haven’t hit any sort of stride with Alliance yet, but I’m still trying.

All-rounders, eh? Good choice :wink:

I found a new favorite race in Swarm, as i tested it, for some strange reason, the ships seems more durable to me, than my try and tested rebel ships.
But apart from that, i really like the fact that they have Long Range Beam shield defeating weapon, which i missed with other races, and also the ships look really good.

So from firs glance i really like the swarm. But Rebels are not forgotten either.

and someone (probably RogetTAU) has changed their vote from Rebels to Swarm! But there’s something I don’t understand…

Scavenger has 0 votes WTF

Yes that was me, but is is hard to vote only for one race, as i like most of them.

But what surprised me is the fact, that i created only 4 designs for swarm (fighter, frigate, frontline cruiser, and long range cruiser), and on first run on several standard maps, i got 10000+ honor, and about 90% survived ships, as the rebel cruisers in that maps, was unable to damage my cruisers. I didn’t really analyzed why, but probably because the new missile defense system combined with reflective shields managed to destroy most of the missiles, that could beat the shields.
This seems to be a very powerful combination, as lot of fleets is based on missiles as their primary means for beating shields, and the new swarm system is really powerful, if deployed in sufficient numbers.

I went with the Tribe. I have messed around with all of the factions but I really like Tribe Cruisers with dual repair and howitzers. They shred anything that gets close.

I’ve beaten most of the game and good majority of the challenges I’ve tried with the swarm with relative ease so for utility I’d go with them, but I just like the aesthetics of empire ships and I know their big hull size is a downside but it just makes them very imposing to look at.

I like all the races to at least some degree, but I like the Tribe’s rapid-fire cannons and massive hulls the most so far.

okay, I’ll make a seperate thread for modded races to include all of them. if you voted on them already, change your vote or vote again on the other thread.


The ships are not the easiest to use, but thats what makes them very fun to use. Its challenging.

Close runner up is the Rebels, but Rebels seem almost too easy sometimes.

Man, Rebels are falling behind and Federation is pulling ahead. They’re almost tied with Swarm now ._.