When did fighting in space become a 2d thing?

I Love the game and all and I have noticed one thing that is really starting to bug the bell out of me. When my ships start to bunch up they run into each other unable to pass underneath each other like before. . It casues my keep moving ships to suddenly stop and keep bumping into the ship before it and die. I have seen this in my Eve-online mod were suddenly my faster frigates no longer dive under other ships they kinda bounce off them or blindly ram into the other ships side till they are killed.

Is this a side-effect of the no-stacking fix that Cliff has been putting into the game? If so i think it should be removed! BUT make stacking ILLEGEL and once a stacking challange is found it is removed and that player is sent a message that it is not allowed. If they keep abusing the stacking by sending more challagnes with stacking disable there online porton of the game so they can not upload more stacking games. I’m not saying just two warnings but a set amount that is agreed on.

I’d much rather have my ships be able to move around on the battlefield than ram into other ships without damaging eather one. I have lost too many online challanges that i have been trying due to my ship just plowing into each other.

Also on a side note, I know own all the DLC So i can play everything now !!! Yay go me, anyways I hope to be able to finish more on my mod, as will as play more challenges and more Eve-online . Northern Collalection Your going to feel the sting of my revenge! Muhahahahaha cough cough choke choke gag gag gaaaaaaaasp thud. . . .


as usual,Lonestar`s post make me fall off the chair… :smiley:
i dont know about warnings and stuff,and stacking is really lame… but i agree with the suggestion

maybe make it so that cruisers do bump into each other,but frigates can pass over and under them?

Um woa, how did i make you fall off your chair? May rant toward NC within Eve?

one CORNfused

Honestly, i’d pay $50 for a campaign mode with a 3D gravity well, so we have to work out where to keep the defense fleet to get the best intercept times.

GSB in 3D would be worth EVERY penny (although, GSB in 2D has been as well. Seriously, i’ve had my wow account 3 times longer then GSB, and i have over 5 times as much time on GSB :/)

The part about “bumping” of ships I don’t like is: your ships bump each other but ignore the enemy. If I can block my own flight so can the enemy, it should be one way or the other not both.

For me I would remove allied ship detection (“bumping”) and just have them fly over/under as they do with the enemy currently.

Yes yes, But i have seen some of the other sides ship bump off my own ships too. Hence why i posted about it suddenly becomeing a 2d fight. I feel that this is a side effect of the anit-stacking code that Cliff has been putting into the game to stop people from stacking ships. As I have seen it start to get worse since i started to play .