When will immigration changes occur?

When will immigration changes occur?

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You can check the Trello to see what is being worked on.


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You mean in terms of new policies? or in terms of strengthening the impact of current ones?
It was recently pointed out on youtube to me that the global economy currently does affect immigration, which is a good point. There should be fewer economic migrants coming in during a boom than a global recession etc…

My calendar is nagging me to investigate that change on tuesday…

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In my opinion there is no need for other policies, the division you have made into legal and illegal is already more than excellent. Existing policies should be balanced in such a way that, if at maximum restrictiveness, we can have zero immigration (both legal and illegal), even if I have GDP at the maximum and unemployment at a minimum. By the way, another problem with the game is that it is currently impossible to eliminate unemployment even if you have a high GDP and have implemented policies to reduce it.


no more policies just balance them.

High GDP should mean worker shortage. You should not be able to have maxed gdp and unemployment.

immigrants both take and provide jobs and services and should not have a strong effect on employment. Mostly a wash.


You could have been more specific on what changes you are hoping for. Myself I would like something so that immigration are illegal immigration are different, as in one is not a copy paste of the other. Immigration and illegal immigration have different impacts on a nation, but in game the two have basically the same outputs.

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i really think there needs to be a change to immigration, because

i can reach max population without it
in the game there is no benifits for a high migration, because taxes don’t scale with pop
ethnic minorities are hard to please and the only way to keep the numbers down is to limit immigration and illegal immigration. There should be a time modifier where ehnic minorities become citizens of the state and are not counted as a minority group

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we need to think about balancing this with a mod. Is it doable? Any mod makers here? I could probably do it but have to find the time. What needs to be done? Here is a list for fixing GDP and immigration that i hope is broken down enough to be implementable in a mod. It’s a start.

  • Is there a way to change population and GDP scaling by country? Would we want to?

  • add a logarithmic function to GDP, population, environment so they dont max out.

  • balance GDP and unemployment so that with 90% GDP there is 0 unemployment

  • Need a worker shortage situation trigger at 90% GDP that restricts GDP growth

  • ethnic minority sort of represents unintegrated immigrants in game, it should have a drain on it.

  • reduce immigration impact on all economic functions
    – increase its impact on political group happiness for balance

  • give different processes to legal and illegal immigration, this point needs more thought

  • balance illegal immigration so that it can be zero with max enforcement
    – increase liberal and minority unhappiness with immigration enforcement to balance.

  • illegal immigration should be zero with open immigration policy
    – increase patriot and conservative unhappiness with liberal immigration policy for balance


I’d love to see most of this. I don’t know about bottoming out unemployment, but it sure shouldn’t be 50% at max gdp with every employment policy maxed.

Absolutely. The way it’s modelled now is so Trumpian. Both forms of immigration increase unemployment, when immigrants are so aggressively employed and in some sectors necessary.

I don’t know why illegal immigration would be possible with open borders, but even if that were the case, standard policing measures certainly ought to have an effect too (I think the devs wanted to balance the game so the border wall policy was necessary)