Where am I going wrong with my bed mod?

This is the code I’ve used for my bed mod but the game crashes when I try to use it, what do I need to correct so it’ll work. The premise is the player can buy a bed and be able to then sleep in it rather than on their sofa and therefore reduce their alcohol and tiredness levels in comparison to using their sofa.

Anyway here’s the code I’ve been using:


#,,bed,Bed,sleep,Have a comfortable rest on a comfy bed.,ass_bed.bmp,64,64,snore.ogg,110,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",bed,#,#,,,,,,


#,bed,Sleep in your bed,"Sleeping in a bed gives you a more comfortable rest than a nap on the sofa.",play snore.ogg,0,default,0,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,"loneliness,0.15,0.1","tiredness,-0.70,0.5","alcohol,-0.5,0.5",#,,,,

These seem to work OK 8)


#,,bed,Bed,general,"A better night's sleep.",XXXXXX.bmp,64,64,snore.ogg,110,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",bed,#,#,,,,,,

Don’t forget to change the bmp !


#,bed,Bed,"Have a great night's sleep. Keep the sofa for your friends!",play snore.ogg,0,default,0,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,"loneliness,0.15,0.1","tiredness,-0.70,0.5","alcohol,-0.5,0.5",#,"bed,1.0",,,

HTH :laughing:

If you’ve used these please change ‘sleep’ to ‘bed’ at the end of line for assets.csv
And insert “bed,1.0” just after last #, for solo_activities.csv
Or just re-copy the edited post.

The code keeps causing the game to crash but thanks for trying.

You wanna forget it as a bad loss or would like to get it working ?

If the latter … does the game crash …
when you start it ? ( New or Saved game ? )
when you go shopping ? ( You have to buy the bed first before you can use it )

It’d be nice to get it working but it’s just a small mod so it’s really no big deal.
The game just crashes in the middle of loading.

It works now. :slight_smile:
I have made some little changes, but nothing special. Have fun :slight_smile:

assets.csv :

 #,,bed,Bed,general,Have a comfortable rest on a comfy bed.,ass_bed.bmp,64,64,snore.ogg,110,0,"STEALABLE,SELLABLE,REBUYABLE",,#,showdetails,#,,,,,

solo_activities.csv :

#,sleepinyourbed,Sleep in your bed,Sleeping in a bed gives you a more comfortable rest than a nap on the sofa.,snore.ogg,0,default,0,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,"loneliness,0.15,0.1","tiredness,-0.07,0.5","alcohol,-0.4,0.5",#,"_energy,0.1","bed,1.0",#,

Thanks for the help but it’s still causing the game to crash.

Is it possible you changed something else and it’s not the bed mod crashing the game?

Did you backup your assets.csv and solo_activities.csv files? If you restore them does the game work?