Where are my shield support modules?

I downloaded patch 1.43 on Saturday but didn’t have time to play any games with it installed. I installed patch 1.44 this morning with the intention of seeing how the shield support beams worked, only to find that I couldn’t locate the support beams in the module lists.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean I’ll have to uninstall GSB and reinstall everything from scratch (as I’ve got 3-4 mods installed on top of the base game and all three expansions), but I can’t think of another solution. Anyone out there got some ideas as to why these modules aren’t appearing?

They are only available to the empire race, if that helps?

That’d explain it. Somehow I missed that particular detail. Helps if I read the patch notes, module design thread, and anything else that’s relevant.

Thanks for the quick response, Cliff. Sorry to take you away from your efforts on the campaign expansion.

Really? because I’m having the same problem and I thought I looked in the Empire Modules. They’re for Crusers right? Also, I have the Steam version of the game, would that affect anything?

Nah, the support beams are for frigates only

the reason you thought they were for cruisers was probably because they can only target cruiser’s shields.

Actually they do frigate shields as well.

Frigate spam is now way more effective.


oh, really?

…Shit. I’m going to have to rethink my designs now.

No, I still can’t find the shield suport beams but I think I found out why, the game thinks it’s still on 1.42 is there a link or something I can use to update it manually? Because every time steam trys to do it I get an error mesage

Your original emailed link is always the latest version.

You’re welcome :smiley:

The patch always tries to install where the positech version is instaleld. you just need to correct the path to where steam put the game, if you have a steam copy.
Steam will get an update very soon.

Duh! You know, I had read that before dozens of times on this ste and I compleately forgot about it, now I feel like an idiot BTW does anyone know what folder in GSB I have to put it in?