where are the players/mooders of Democracy 3 ?

where are the players of Democracy 3, which was released in the epoch, every day was a new notification, every week a mod, now a topic needs one month to reach at least 100 views.em other games, this is taken throughout the stage of the game, such as the Victoria II, which is very played, I like this game too much, I love this game, but I think it lacked a bit of advertising / advertising to attract more players.

Well on Steam you will find a lot of mods. Every week a new one.

But here in forum it is “silence”. Caused also by Cliff. A lot of bugs are listed in the next sub forum, but nothing will happen.
If you are looking for mods, check Steam not Cliffs page.

Thimorin hello, my game was GOG, only that I gained a little steam version of a friend, the mods continue with low views, compared to other games, and most recent mods are translations into French

Hello, my name is Diogo Costa and I have posted by mods onto the Democracy 3 forums but due to the low amount of views they don’t appear on the first page. The best place to checks mods out is on Steam. Steam Workshop Page (http://steamcommunity.com/id/DiogoCosta1998/myworkshopfiles/?appid=245470)