Where can I find the patches at?

My game keeps crashing when I click on a voters group only in Mexicalco (or whatever its called). I don’t know how to solve this being not a wizkid of computer, but I thought maybe a patch might fix it…?
I haven’t added any of the patches yet because I was wondering do I have to REINSTALL THE GAME?!?!?!?!? I also don’t know where to find these patches, I downloaded one but when it had finished installing the patc hit just said “Patch Failed”. I really hope I don’t have to reinstall the whole game just because of a patch!?!?!

What do I do? I need professional computer-person help :open_mouth:

Its in a sticky :slight_smile:.

positech.co.uk/democracy2/De … tch104.exe

But there is the link because you are lazy :stuck_out_tongue:.

Haha, thanks…either lazy or computer illiterate. :laughing:

Hmmm its still failed to patch the game…
Do you need to reinstall the game or anything to patch it?

I dont think so.

But, re-installing is probably a good idea anyway, will solve your issues :smiley:.

What about all my saved games? Mods? etc the#ll all be destroyed! :open_mouth:

Back up your ‘democracy2’ file in mydocs.

You might have to re-download some mods :frowning:.

darn :neutral_face:

Pandaman2000 could you link me to the 103 patch please :mrgreen:

Sadly, there is no patcher for 1.03, you just have to re-download :neutral_face:.

This also applies to 1.05. It requires a full download.