Where does a programmer find an artist?

Here’s a question for an indie developer such as yourself, Cliff.

How in the world does a programmer find a good and working artist?

I’ve been trying to get a couple of game projects done, but I can’t seem to get artists that will do the work I need even when I pay them. Is there a better place to find the artists? Where do you look?

Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure you could find people over at GameDev. Though it’s highly biased towards programmers, it’s also full of indies which may have some tips for you on the matter as they’re probably faced with the same problems as you :wink:

It also depends on what type of artist you are looking for. The Cartographer’s Guild has some excellent artists that will do maps for just about any genre you can think of; from a single building all the way up to a galaxy. You can put up a paid or unpaid request, give some details for what you’re looking for, and see what that community comes up with. They’re an amazingly talented group.

They do unpaid requests? Why?

because some people, like me, actually enjoy modeling.

plus it might be good practice and/or something to put in your CV…

As ponyus said, it may be that it’s something to practice their skills on. I’ve done a few GIMP scripts to automate some of the tutorials I’ve seen because they looked neat and I can certainly use the practice in the script-fu language!!

It might also be something very simple, or something that they’ve already worked on. One person was asking on how to make “rhumb lines” on a map. I had written a script that did something similar to that, so after a couple of very quick mods to my script, I posted it. On the GIMP registry page, someone posted a script to turn a flat 2-D picture into an isometric view. I had written a script to make a generic brick wall, so I went ahead and posted that right afterward, since they went very well together. (I also got some really good feedback on how to improve it, which I put into the next version of the script.)

Obviously, you’ll get more bites for a paid request, but there is still a bunch of really good work out there.

There’s another community that often likes pictures for their ingame suggestions; so perhaps someone over there would be willing to grant one or two.