Where have all the challenges gone?

I’m not seeing any challenges with more than 490 attempts (or before 12/7/09, with the exception of two 0/0/0 challenges), so basically all of the old classics are missing.

Are older ones being deleted or is there something wrong with my client?

Challenges are in fact disappearing. Could there be a maximum limit being enforced?

The annoying part is that many old challenges are still in my download folder, but the client doesn’t pick them up since I guess there isn’t an associated server entry.

Yes, the challenges where limited by cliff in an update. This is what he posted in his blog last month talking about some changes he made:

cliffski:“I ended up taking some time to re-balance a few of the least-used weapons, and do some admin stuff, like tweak the challenges code so that it doesn’t show you older challenges in the list when newer ones are available. I also got rid of some really really old challenges. Currently the list only displays up to 1,024 of them, sorted in date order now. That was always enough in the past, now it’s not, hence the tweaking.”

I see. Working as intended, then.

I’ll have to pay more attention to the blog.

I just changed this at the server to download up to 2,000 of them, because there are now lots, a better more long-term solution will follow eventually :smiley:

One one hand, I can see how you would want to cycle challenges somewhat as it might be too hard to get people to play your challenges otherwise, let alone to grandfather out difficulties that may arise from changing module stats or hull designs.

But to a new player, seeing those big 1k+ attempt challenges is a benchmark to live up to, and a bit of an indication of the health of the community. I’m not sure what would be the most fair.