Where is file located to mod

Hi I recently purchased this game on Steam and am wondering where the files to mod would be located. I went to the area where it usually stores my game files but I cannot find any .csv files in the Democracy 3 folder there also there is no “\democracy 3\data\mods” file directory. Thank you for any help you can give.

Hey man,

I’m running windows 7 and also purchased with steam. Took me a few mins to find but here is the file path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Democracy 3\data\simulation

My first suggestion would be to immediately copy this folder and put it on your desktop named something else. Then you can fiddle play and learn without messing up your game.

the guide for modding posted by cliff on the website can be found here : positech.co.uk/democracy3/modding.html

I just bought the game yesterday and already utopianized 3 of the countries, time to start modding myself haha.

Good luck with your modding.