where is my game


i have bought this game from website which took me to humble site i paid for this and have not received a link to download the game. Any help here


try here humblebundle.com/home/purchases


You should have received an email from Humble Bundle containing a link to the download.


i have a Humble Bundle receipt and thats it


Should be in an email titled “Your Production Line order is ready”

Otherwise contact HumbleBundle.


Hi, is this resolved? if not let me know and I can investigate the order.
Sorry for any hassle or delay.


Nope I can’t get onto humble site due to security thingy they have I have emailed there support for help days ago but no reply


Hi, we definitely have the order, I just triggered a re-send, did you get it?


Sadly nothing came through on email


Did you check the spam folder and/or spam settings?


Yes I have


'm not sure what that means, but it looks like you must have somehow blocked yourself from getting emails and web access to humble?