Where is the Editor?

"The Gratuitous Space Battles hull editor is a VERY ROUGH editor that was never intended to be released to anyone, without a substantial re-write. However, because a number of people have got into modding extra ships into the game, and because doing so can be very time consuming just using text files, I present a VERY rough guide to the UNSUPPORTED ship editor in the game.

You can enable the ship editor as a new main menu option by adding a ‘-editor’ command line option to the game, if you have version 1.39 or later. You will see a new ‘Hull Editor’ option at the far right.

The editor lets you load in existing hulls, and save them out. The buttons at the top do this. Note that the editor saves them out in a new subfolder under \data\hulls called ‘new’. Don’t forget to copy them back, or rename them afterwards."

now I have version 1.63 but I don’t see any editor button do I have to add that editor code to the game if so how? or have you simply removed the editor if so why?

Greetings DARKWING228 and welcome to the forums.
The editor is still active in the latest version on GSB
Please note that the editor is for PC Only:

To activate the editor, find your shortcut for GSB and change your target from:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe”
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe” -editor

Start in stays the same:
“E:\Games\Gratuitous Space Battles”

When you run the game there should be a new button on the right hand side next to the exit button called “Hull Editor”


when I typed it into the shortcut it came up with this
"the name ""C;\Program Files (x86)“E:\Games\Gratuitous’ specified in the target box is not valid make sure the path and file names are correct”

ok I fixed it

That is good to hear.
Happy Modding :slight_smile: