Where To Get The New Patches?

Thats the question. As a steam user, i dont have the last updates, and long time passed since the 1-50+ updates come out and steam users get stucked in the 1.50. Cuz i dont receive any answer on the update post, i make a new one, maybe i have more luck. And cuz i dont know where to get the patches without steam (no links in the whole forum and in the webpage there are no links to the updates), this is my last resource xD.
I have my mod wips stoped cuz of this (i need to test some of the last changes, for example the last stand order).

steam will be updating their version any day now

Thx for the answer -.- i really dont know y the patches on steam are delayed so much… (well maybe its burocratic thing that i can understand . .), i cant understand the problem with the updates, but i only hope this not be delayed 1 more week… or i think i will stop modding for gsb.