Which Damage Value is Correct?

Firstly I just found the feature where you click a weapons attribute (such as fire interval) and then a screen pops up with all the weapons sorted by that statistic. I love that!

However I did notice when I clicked “damage” on both small and large machine gun, the damage listed on the pop up screen was lower than the damage listed on the weapons page. Which one is correct? Damage was listed as 12 on the weapon page, 9 on the pop up screen?

when a weapon is loaded, if you have augmentations on that hull, you will see stats showing the changed damage. Is that it? (I presume you are referring to the design screen).

I just tried again and it is odd.

If I load up “Small Tank 1” and equip it with a small machine gun it says damage 9, if I click on the value then I see damage 9 listed in the table. All is well.

If I load a design “Machine Gun Turret” then its small machine gun is showing damage 12, but if I click on it then it shows damage 9 in the table. There are no augmentations allowed on the small mg turret!

From what I know turrets always deal more damage than mobile units.