Which do you prefer, the politics stuff, or the economics?

Democracy is a game of two personalities. On the one side, you have all the political ‘issues’ such as the death penalty, gun laws, the pros and cons of ID cards etc etc. And on the other hand, you have the simulation stuff. GDP, the literacy rate, tax levels and the level of poverty etc.
Which are you more interested in? Is it the political stuff, or the simulation stuff?
I think the simulation stuff has more scope for expansion, but I’d like to hear peoples views.

The simulation stuff forms the basis of the game,making gameplay interesting. More complex simulations,new factors,voter groups,maybe some sub-scales of several existing factors? Maybe more “slots” for new voter groups? More detailed voting simulation,allowning minority governments,advisors and the like,and an ability to change voting paradigms
through policies could also be added.

Specific political stuff can easily be added later by modding,while modding the simulation aspects is more diffucult,time-consuming,and sometimes impossible due to the basic game code. Also, I think that adding conditional policies-policies that can only be implemented when other policies or factors are active or at certain level- would be a big improvement.

thats a good point, and there are other areas of the game that would benefit from a conditional approach. Say you had a dilemma about whther to pardon someone from the death penalty, obviously you need it conditional on having the death penalty law.
It’s interesting to hear peoples thoughts on all this.