Which is better?

Which one do you think is better, one nanobot repair and one armor repair, or two nanobot repairs?

Two nanobot repairs. They are faster and have more supplies and repair armor just fine.

this is actually an interesting subject to me, i’m not sure i see the benefit in ever equipping armor repairs over nanobot repairs unless you really want to have 4 of them and they don’t share diminishing returns. do they share diminishing returns? i don’t know because i never used them together…

I think the whole advantage of repairing only your armor (instead of other modules) is a red herring. If the enemy doesn’t have very high armor penetration, they will be hitting your armor only, and that’s all your repairer will need to repair. If they have enough armor penetration to bypass your armor, your hull is going to take a fast beating and no amount of repair is going to keep you alive for long, nor will repairing your armor be of any use. So, the problem that the armor repair module is supposed to fix (normal repair modules might repair other things before the armor) isn’t actually a problem at all – either there is only armor to be repaired, or repair is of no use anyway.

There’s one extra variable in this discussion. There’s a non-displayed stat for all the repair modules called “peace_interval” which is smaller for both of the armor repair units. My guess is that if the module you are working on is hit again during that time period, the repair doesn’t stick. I’ve seldom actually noticed the effect because if my armor is getting damaged it’s either because small amounts of damage from the few critical hits fighters manage with their lasers, or heavier weapons blow all he armor away in just a few seconds.

If the peace_interval is supposed to differentiate between the armor repair modules and the more general ones, I don’t think it the game mechanics and UI make it clear enough what is happening for me to tell if having a shorter interval would actually be of any use.