Which new car types do you want next? (poll)

Which car should be added next?

  • SUV
  • Compact
  • Sports

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Here are three options of cars that we can add to the game. Which would be the best to add next? :smiley:

I vote for all 3 :slight_smile:

I be leave that a pickup truck also should be added to the vote and a van or a mini van.

“Sport” car’s are already kinda included, the aluminum frame and spoiler are sporty options.

IMHO, if you wanted to do sport, you will need to get that engine-sub-assembly system working sooner rather than later. Which I wish you’d do anyway.

I voted SUV as it’s not a car. And it would feel like more fresh content than just another type of car.

I should inplent more,

Pick-up Truck

Also the amount of doors to a car would be nice option too.

for now SUV/sportcar would be nice.