Which R&D Tooltip colors look best to you?

Which R&D Tooltip colors look best to you?

  • A
  • B
  • C

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From these 3 options:

Definitely A.

The colour contrast for the two other options is too low to comfortably read.

Colour contrast ratios:

A: 6.5:1
B: 2.8:1
C: 1.8:1

If you’d like to test more with this I suggest you have a look at Colour Contrast Analyser.

Red is most readable, although I’m not a fan of using that color for regular info.

I asked in lots of places and people generally prefer black


I think you might need a font with a little bit more bold in it…

From all four options now, I prefer the black one the most. Although I voted on the green one before. In all four cases, it somehow doesn’t really fit inside the rest of the screen. It feels a little bit strange…