Which voter groups are usually happy? Poll 1/2

In your games, which voters are usually happy?

  • Capitalist
  • Socialist
  • Liberal
  • Conservatives
  • Patriot
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Religious
  • Environmentalist
  • Trade Unionist
  • State Employees

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I have noted that regardless of your policies, some voter groups are almost always angry, even though you do them all kinds of favors. Others are happy, even though you punish them. Who is usually happy in your country?

The poll is limited to 10 options, so I’ll post another one.

I have noticed that Farmers are almost always happy, even though you remove their subsidies.
Capitalists are almost impossible to satisfy, even though you take down taxes to a minimum.
If you play a hardcore liberal agenda, Religious people will get fanatically opposed, but conservatives are not upset even though you try to provoke them.
Motorists are grumpy, and happy only if you remove transport taxes and fees altogether. There is no explanation why they hate Rail subsidies; that surely means less congestion.
Young people and ethnic minorities don’t care much about politics. They should be more sensitive.