White Background in Custom Challenge

I got a message saying that the background to one of my Challenges was all white. The game plays fine, but if there is no background image, the game will display an all white background instead. I used a Tribe background, but don’t require the player to have the Tribe expansion to play (which he apparently doesn’t have). I had assumed the game bundled the background image with the challenges. Oops! Apparently not.

Cliff, Is it possible for the game to substitute a random existing background if the default isn’t found?


  • Chris

if you play the challenge instead of him do YOU get a white background?

if not the problem is probably with the other person and could be loads of things …

I believe the require boxes are for if you use tribe ships then the other person needs tribes to play them, maybe I am wrong and it goes for backgrounds too?
I think it is more likely the one you are playing against has not correctly updated his version of the game.

for greater clarity the one that sent you a message should post here, otherwise I dont see how we can help you.

I unchecked both boxes since the fleet I used doesn’t require either Tribe or Order.

I don’t normally get the white background, but if I rename the background image so the game can’t find the file, it shows up white.

  • Chris

… so the problem is not your challenge its the guy who downloaded your challenge not having a good update ?
what do you want us to do here.

It’s not the guy who downloaded didn’t have a good update, he didn’t BUY some DLC.

Since a missing graphic file seems to be the problem, automatically substituting one from the base game should avoid the situation, yes?

  • Chris

That’s more of a suggestion than a support question.

well I agree that this should not happen, if it realy is because he is missing some DLC I say its a bug because that cannot be intended.

Hi. The reason for the checkboxes is so you can toggle on or off whether any of the expansion content got used. If you sue a scenario abckdrop from DLC the other players don’t have, they cannot show it. It’s a good idea to suggest that it then defaults to some existing background though, I’ll investigate doing that.

I’ve purchased all of the add-ons and I still occasionally get a white background when playing a challenge.